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Publication four of Lucan??s epic contrasts Europe with Africa. on the conflict of Lerida (Spain), a violent typhoon motives the neighborhood rivers to flood the apparent among the 2 hills the place the opposing armies are camped. Asso??s statement strains Lucan??s memories of early Greek stories of production, whilst Chaos held the weather in vague confusion. This primordial broth units the tone for the entire booklet. After the conflict, the scene switches to the Adriatic shore of Illyricum (Albania), and eventually to Africa, the place the proto-mythical water of the start of the publication cedes to the dryness of the wasteland. The narrative unfolds opposed to the history of the conflict of the weather. The Spanish deluge is changed through the desiccated desolation of Africa. The remark contrasts the representations of Rome with Africa and explores the importance of Africa as an area infected through evil, yet which is still an essential component of Rome. besides Lucan??s different geographic and natural-scientific discussions, Africa??s place as part of the Roman global is painstakingly supported via astronomic and geographic erudition in Lucan??s mixing of medical and mythological discourse. The poet is a visionary who helps his fact claims via clinical discourse.

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273; St. Theb. 694), 479 dimadescere (hapax), 484 circumlabi (hapax, but editors prefer the spelling circum labentis), 729 illatrare (Sil. 286 celator (Exod. ’s familiarity with an array of linguistic registers that prima facie would seem out of place in an epic poem. In fact, specialized vocabulary is but another aspect not only of declamatory technique but also of erudite poetry, in observance to the scientific interests of the time. For instance in his descriptions of combat L. 631 induruit (cf.

Achieves with redundancy is definitely intended (see below on periphrasis). That Latin has fewer words than Greek and is less flexible in adjusting its rhythms to the hexameter is a well-known fact. The abundance of long over short syllables is often cited when discussing the characteristics of the Latin hexameter in comparison to its Greek models. The vocabulary, however, is the very stuff of poetry and what poets do with the words they have at their disposal should be taken, first and foremost, as a reflection of the contemporary taste and linguistic sensibilities.

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