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"Targum Onkelos" is the oldest whole Jewish Aramaic translation of the "Pentateuch", and it has performed a huge position in Jewish exegesis in the course of the centuries. even if the vocabulary of "Onkelos" has been incorporated within the significant rabbinic dictionaries, there hasn't ever been a quantity dedicated completely to the vocabulary of "Onkelos". this thesaurus, in response to the normal severe variation, comprises all the vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in different Aramaic dialects. it is going to be an enormous support either to scholars first encountering the language of the Targum, in addition to to experts looking an intensive therapy of its lexical good points.

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Pron. v. (hnyn); P-S col. ] sna ˜ynyh; DJBA 119 (archaic); GCPA 57 vb. ) Gen 21:25; 31:31; Lev 19:13; Deut 28:29, 31. v. ] çn:a,] emph. aç;n:a] n. m. ] wtna n. f. See wtya. yswtna, pl. emph. yaes;wtuna' adj. gent. Orthosian Gen 10:17. [Cf. v. ] ˜ydsa, pl. + suff. 3 m. sg. yhiwOds;ai n. m. pl. headrest Gen 28:11, 18. v. ] wsua; n. f. ad…s;y ai pillow; healing Gen 3:6. ] ylfsa, pl. abs. ˜w:l;f]sau, var. ˜w:l;f]xau, ˜w:l;f]xai n. m. ] Gen 45:22. 9 The meanings compel, attack, urge, constrain, oppress (see the lexica) are absent from TO/TJ, where the object of the verb always refers to the thing stolen.

F. terror, awe Gen 9:2; 15:12; 49:17; Ex 15:16; 23:27; Deut 11:25. ] rm'yae n. m. utterance Num 24:3-4, 15-16. v. ] rm'yai, rm'ai, emph. ar;m]yai n. m. v. v. ] armya, emph. at;rm'yai n. f. ewe lamb Lev 5:6; 14:10; Num 6:14. v. ] ˜tmya,m. pl. cstr. ynEt;m]yae adj. terrifying Gen 14:5; Deut 2:10-11. ] ˜wnya pers. pron. See ˜wna. EDWARD COOK 12 ˜ydwsya, cstr. ydewsoyae, var. ydwsy n. m. pl. floor Num 5:17. v. v. ˜ydwsy ; DSA 350. ] rs;yai, rs;yae, rs;ai n. m. binding Num 30:3-6, 8,11-15. v. ] arsya, pl.

Rkb vb. ) Gen 30:41; Lev 27:26; Deut 21:16. ] ˜rkb adv. See ˜rk. al;b] prep. without [DJPA 103; DJBA 614; P-S col. ] lblb vb. ) Gen 11:7, 9. [The derivational root is llb, meaning in various Semitic languages to mix, tangle, combine ingredients. v. v. ] ydewjolbi adv. v. v. dwjl; cf. v. hΩwd] EDWARD COOK 36 ylb vb. ) Deut 8:4, 29:4. v. ] [lb vb. ) Gen 41:7, 24; Ex 7:12; 15:12; Num 16:30, 32, 34; 17:27; 26:10; Deut 11:6. ] vlb vb. ) Gen 31:35, 44:12. [DSA 101; cf. v. Midd. ] amb, pl. + suff. 3 m.

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