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How did Spanish medical professionals conceptualize folks believed to be a mixture of the female and male genders in the course of the interval of 1850–1960? Such individuals disrupted gendered and sexual givens, and from a criminal and scientific point of view, required exam and resolution in line with their actual intercourse with a view to let marriage, inheritance, and a “normal” social lifestyles.

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She was willing to do whatever was necessary to free the fascia. It might be strum­ ming a tendon as if it were a string on a violin, digging a muscle or tendon free from its neighbor with her fingernails, or poking her elbow in an armpit. Her goal was to release the aberrations in the fascia and free the natural structure of the body. RELEASING FIXATIONS suffered by a person has both physical and psychological consequences. Physical aberrations and psychological disorders are both symptoms of a person fixated by traumatic incidents.

That emotions were tied into the muscles, and positive feelings were tied into the extensor muscles which have more white fiber than red, while neg­ ative feelings were tied into the flexor muscles which have more red fiber. 2 . That the posture of the body reflects the state of the mind. Once she was coming down a hill at Esalen, and Moshe was going up. They were meeting for the first time in many, many years. They embraced for a few moments and then stepped back. " On her eightieth birthday I suggested to Moshe that he write Ida a birthday letter.

He told me that he had finished his contract and gotten his money. A Pop in the Neck My friend was over his desk, really sick. I was a freshman Rolfer and was visiting him in the governor's office after returning to Utah. He grumbled about how well I looked and asked what I was doing in California. I told him I was Rolfing, and he wanted to know what that was, so I offered to let him experience it. I had him take off all his clothes except his shorts, and we went to work. It was quite a show. Secretaries popped in, screamed and backed out.

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